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Megan Boley

SFF & urban fantasy author

My newest book, The Darkness All Around Us (a fast-paced dystopian sci-fi) comes out March 26, 2024!

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Why you'll like my newest book


Badass women

The women are in charge, but the men are allies. The diverse cast of powerful women each bring their own unique skills and personalities to the table. The story focuses on the growth of the FMC and the F antagonist.


Fast-paced yet detailed

The page-turning feeling of a thriller blended with the vivid worldbuilding of a science fiction novel. It's sci-fi like The Last of Us or Mad Max, not like The Martian or The Matrix. It's not super science-y or hardcore. You'll finish it in a few days. 


The tropes

  • Post-disaster, dystopian, near-future world

  • Slow burn romance subplots

  • Found family

  • Rescue missions

  • Action/adventure

  • Heist(s) & assassinations

  • Morally gray characters

  • Revenge

  • Redemption

  • Platonic friendships

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