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Image by Kyle Johnson

The Darkness All Around Us

Coming March 26, 2024
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Facing your demons is hard. It's even harder when one of them will not stop talking.

It’s 2085 in a barren United States. Manufactured creatures and warring factions abound. A pharmaceutical company controls the government and seeks to return the country to its former glory. 


Disastrous consequences wreak havoc on the remaining population. 


In Stella’s case, she has the pleasure of being annoyed by a snarky hallucination who loves to chatter about her dark past. But the irksome specter is the least of Stella's worries. 


She’s being hunted.


Penny, the sly leader of a dangerous gang, pursues Stella with ruthless conviction. And she’s closing in.


In the chaos of the collapsing country, Stella’s best friend is captured by the company. She must rescue him before he’s subjected to lethal experiments—or worse. 


As the threats circle ever closer, Stella discovers she holds the key to the country's salvation. She must decide how far she’s willing to go to take down the company and save her friend—even if it means teaming up with her worst enemies and dragging her darkest demons into the light.


And time is running out. The company's plans are close to fruition…

About the author

Megan Boley headshot

Megan Boley is a SFF and urban fantasy author (and, alas, a former redhead). You might recognize her as the blonde making TikToks @metal_meg. She works professionally as a copywriter. Her newest book, The Darkness All Around Us, comes out March 2024.

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Image by Kyle Johnson
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